My switch to SSN 100% Whey Protein

After a number of years of using a particular brand of whey protein I decided to do the unthinkable, I decided to try another brand, specifically the Scientific Sports Nutrition (SSN) brand of whey protein. SSN 100% Whey Protein to be exact. I didn’t necessarily come to this decision lightly, after some research and product comparison I opted for SSN. The supplement facts, i.e. the nutritional values of SSN’s product comes very close to the values of the previous product bar for the fact that, per serving, the protein value of SSN’s product is 2,5 grams more than the previous product with a fat content that is 1 gram less. However, the reason for change wasn’t the nutritional values but, the taste. I was getting rather bored of the vanilla flavour of the previous product. The chocolate flavour left a lot to be desired too.

I figured if I needed to have three servings of the whey protein a day, to meet my daily protein requirements, I might as well enjoy the taste. SSN 100% Whey Protein “Cookies & Cream” flavour caught the attention of my taste buds.

I’ve tried it, I like it, let’s see how long it can keep me coming back for more.

SSN 100% Whey Protein.


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6 Responses to My switch to SSN 100% Whey Protein

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  2. maizeydaisy says:

    Hey thanks for checking out my blog and for following it! I really appreciate it! πŸ™‚ is this product good for someone like me who had gastric bypass surgery done? I am having trouble getting all of the required protein a day and I don’t want my hair to fall out or to get sick. Thanks for the info! πŸ™‚


  3. Jim says:

    Hi Shaun,
    on the pack it says concentrate, isolate and hydrolysate blend..! any idea what their ratio is..?
    i googled it but couldn’t find out..!


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