Being healthy part 1

Many people have asked me what I eat on a daily basis, or what is healthy, what types of exercise do I do etc. Many assume that I am on a perpetual diet for the simple reason that I am always eating healthy food or snacks. The key words are:

  1. Simple;
  2. Sustainable; and
  3. Healthy.

The fact of the matter is that it is not simply a diet. Diets die an easy death while a healthy lifestyle is for life. The common perception is that a healthy lifestyle means drastic changes immediately; to the contrary the changes that you should make should be simple changes over longer periods of time. These changes are made over a longer period of time to ensure that they become habits. The most difficult part of making a change is actually at the beginning where you have to consciously tell yourself to do or not to do something. For example, you may want to increase your water consumption of water to 8-10 glasses throughout the day, at first you will need to consciously make an effort to ensure that you drink those 8-10 glasses of water. After a while of doing so, though, you will notice that you do not necessarily have to consciously think about drinking 8-10 glasses of water in the day, you simply do so automatically.

As mentioned earlier the changes you make do not have to be big changes, they could be just to drink those 8-10 glasses of water a day, once you have mastered that change, you may think of reducing the amount of sugary drinks you consume on a daily basis. If you have two cans of coke a day, for example, you should try to cut it down to perhaps one can day, and then limit it to one a week or none at all.

These changes cannot be made just for the sake of making them. You will find that the changes you make will be determined by the ultimate goal you have in mind. I will cover goal related changes and the basics of a healthy lifestyle in the posts to follow over the next two weeks. So watch this space.


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Husband to the most beautiful woman, Man of honour, Gym enthusiast, Artist, Man of Steel, That Awesome Guy.
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