Being healthy part 2

Your goals will determine the changes you make, however it is important to remember that there are fundamental changes that need to be made to ensure that you build a solid foundation for your healthy lifestyle. One of those changes was touched upon in my previous post: “Being Healthy part 1”. That change was simply increasing the amount of water that you consume on daily basis.

For the purposes of this post I will look at just one of two most common goals that people try to achieve; the first is losing weight and the second (which will be covered future posts) is building bigger muscle.

Example goal 1: losing weight:

Here caloric intake and expenditure are important. To lose weight you would need to burn or expend more calories than you consume. It should be noted that losing weight is reducing body fat. This can be done in one of two ways:

  1. You maintain your current activity level and significantly reduce the number of calories you consume on daily basis (I do not recommend doing this as a person should approach a healthy lifestyle holistically); or
  2.  You reduce your calorie intake slightly (this is dependent on how much you consume on a daily) and increase your activity levels (this I would recommend doing as physical activity is key to fast tracking fat loss and toning muscle).

You must ensure that the calories you consume are not ‘empty’ calories and that they have a beneficial effect on your body. You should eat to fuel your body and to ensure that your body functions optimally. You must get in protein, a complex carb, veggies or salad with all of your main meals. Healthy snacks between meals can be a handful of mixed nuts, or a protein shake, or fruit with greek yogurt. What is key to understand is that a higher protein diet will fire up your metabolism ultimately burning more fat. Couple this fat burning diet with moderate exercise and you will turn your metabolism into a furnace.

In the next post I will expand further upon calorie intake and what is the ideal calories intake for the average person.


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