Walking the Talk (applying the principles of healthy living)

I have struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember. The battle continued from high school into university where I applied some drastic measures resulting in a large amount of weight loss over a short period of time. I did not have the knowledge or experience of healthy nutritional eating for purpose, and goal oriented training. My meals consisted mostly of toast and all I had to drink was tea, coffee and water. I did however apply, inadvertently, certain principles like drinking a lot of water, significantly reducing my intake of sugars and other processed foods.

The big mistakes that I did make were; not eating meals that provided the nutrients and vitamins that my body requires to function optimally, I also did not properly work out. In that I knew that I wanted to lose body fat and, like most guys at that age, I wanted bigger muscles. I was going through the motions of training but I was not nor was I eating with purpose.

The years passed by, I’ve grown to love lifting weights and i would say that I have done A LOT of reading on the topic of health and fitness. Honestly, though, I have not been able to get my diet right. And we all know that a good diet is 80% of battle. The result of this was that, over time my weight went up and down.

I decided that I would start to walk the talk and apply the knowledge I have gained. 12 weeks ago I revamped my diet, by drinking more water, I don’t drink fizzy drinks and every meal I eat consists of a protein and a nutrient dense salad. I always ask myself, “why am I eating this, or will this meal take me closer to my goal or further away from it”. I have also revamped my training routine, I focus on my weak areas in terms of weight training and have increased my cardio. My goal is to become strong and ripped.

I started this journey at 104.6kg, 12 weeks later I weighed in at 98kg.
I’m going strong and I will keep walking the talk.

About Shaun That Awesome Guy

Husband to the most beautiful woman, Man of honour, Gym enthusiast, Artist, Man of Steel, That Awesome Guy.
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