Sleekgeek Summer Body Challenge 2013



Two weeks ago today I entered the Sleekgeek Summer Body Challenge 2013. Before I explain what that is let me first tell you about the Sleekgeek community.

The Sleekgeek community was started by a gentleman named Elan Lohmann. This community has grown significantly and its purpose is to inspire people to transform themselves and to lead a better quality of life. More information on Elan and the Sleekgeek community  can be found on their website:

The Sleekgeek Summer Body Challenge 2013 is essentially a competition where entrants have to track their health and fitness over a period of 8 weeks. The ultimate purpose is determined by the category entered into by the entrant. The categories are:

  1. A-B transformation – here the total weight lost is not key, there must be a visible and measurable (in terms of waist size, the size of the arms, legs etc.) change in the entrant’s body; and
  2. Weight-loss – here the total weight lost is important.

The entrants are given proposed meal and workout plans. The difference here is the support offered by the members of the community. People come together to share best practices, to provide motivation and advice via the communities Facebook page. There are also group events that are held where people can meet and participate in various fitness activities.

Today is my 2 week check-in, and I have been doing well. I feel energised and my eating habits have changed significantly. I will keep you posted as I progress.

Watch this space!


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