Sleekgeek Summer Body Challenge 2013 and Looking forward to 2014

Happy New Year!

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check out Sleekgeek

I ended 2013 with the conclusion of the Sleekgeek summer body challenge. Unfortunately I did not place anywhere but I did learn much about health and fitness, my own relationship with food and my perception of my body. So considering that I did learn a lot I would say that I indeed did win.

I managed to drop my weight from 99kg to 93kg in a period of 8 weeks (which was the duration of the challenge). Prior to the challenge I had lost 6kg – I weighed in at 104.6kg in June 2013. That was a total weightloss of 11.6kg from June to December 2013.

I realised, through this experience, that my body responds well to a low carb diet.

A typical day of meals for me looked liked this:

Wake up and have 1 large glass of water with 5g of creatine monohydrate.

Breakfast – 1 bowl of cooked oats (with a scoop of whey protein, some almonds and frozen blueberries) and 1 large glass of water.

Snack – 1 fruit with a source of protein (i.e almonds or biltong/jerky).

Lunch – A salad/steamed vegetables with a protein (chicken breast/tuna/salmon).

Snack – A whey protein shake and 1 fruit.

Diner/Supper – A salad/steamed vegetables with a protein (chicken breast/tuna/salmon).

Note: I drink at least 2 litres of water a day. I do not drink sugary and fizzy drinks. I try to stay away from cakes, sweets and junk food. I also train (i.e. a mix of weight lifting and cardio) 4 to 5 days a week.

This meal plan was somewhat disrupted over the festive season but I am glad to report that my weight over the last 3 weeks has fluctuated within 1kg.


I have set just one health and fitness goal with the start of the new year . Now it is no secret that for goals to be achieved they have to be smart goals. What does that mean? Well those goals need to be clearly defined (specific). They need to be measurable, attainable, realistic and time bound. So my goal is this:

“I will lose 10kg by the end of June 2014.”

My goal is clearly defined, it is realistic because I did lose a significant amount of weight previously and it is time bound. I hold myself accountable, however I have found that if you share your goals with your friends, family, community, then you are more likely to try to achieve them. So tell a friend, a family member or join a community like the Sleekgeek community.

Go ahead and set some smart goals for yourself for 2014 and remember; do not try to be better than anyone else, just try to be better than YOU were.

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