Whoa! It’s been a really long time since my last post. In fact, a whole season has come and gone, yup we’re already into spring (fall, for my American followers) and we are well on our way to those lazy, hot days of summer. Like most people I have not come out of winter very healthy, in fact I came out of winter with a little more…. like 3kg (about 7 lbs) more. I gained some not so healthy weight. I’d like to say that I was bulking, but that would be a lie….

I have to say that, yes; I overindulged a bit and didn’t always find my way to the gym. So I’m not surprised that I gained weight. There’s no need to cry over spilt milk though. So, now I have to hack my way through some fat to forge a body that I feel comfortable in. Note; I didn’t say “a summer body or a body that is beach ready”. I’m a simple kind of guy that way, and I am also realistic about my goals. I take them a step at a time. Now, I am not saying that you should sell yourself short but in my experience having too lofty a goal can be a huge set up for failure or could be a really long drop to reality. I’m going to start small and say that I am going to lose 5 to 6 kg (11 to 13lbs) by the 15th of December.

I have, in a not so committed way, started working toward that goal about 3 weeks ago and tomorrow will be the start of week 4. If I’m really honest with myself, I haven’t been that focused and have only seen a 1kg (2.2 lbs) drop in my weight. However I have resolved to focus and achieve my goal of losing 5-6kg (11 to 13lbs) by the 15th of December. With the zeal of the Spartans going into battle I cry out… “For summerrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!”.

I have committed to doing the following (to ensure that I attain or exceed my goal):

  1. Exercise 4 to 5 times a week (incorporating at least 30 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of heavy lifting);
  2. Drink only water (3l to 4l per day) and coffee (max of 2 cups per day);
  3. Eat only whole foods (3 meals a day; with reduced carbs, increased proteins and some fat);
  4. Reduce my sugar intake to 1 sugar per cup of coffee, and not have any sugary snacks;
  5. Be positive about myself (mindset, i have learnt plays a big part in achieving goals and you cannot be too hard on yourself if you face a few set backs. Just keep moving forward).

My weight as of today is 97.1kg (214lbs).

I will be posting weekly weigh-ins on twitter (every friday morning) and will be giving a day to day account of how things are going with my diet and exercise routines. So be sure to follow me @Shaun_Balliah, or check out #ShaunsChallenge for those updates (this makes me accountable). You can also use the hashtag to let me know how your challenge is going (i.e. if you are on one),  give me advice or ask a question.

Let it begin!!!

Inspired by SleekGeek


About Shaun That Awesome Guy

Husband to the most beautiful woman, Man of honour, Gym enthusiast, Artist, Man of Steel, That Awesome Guy.
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